Living on the G string

Hey Friend,

I started recording some video guitar
lessons for you today, but I realized
I wouldn’t have time to upload them
in time to get this email out to you,
so they’ll have to wait till next time…

Good stuff coming though, I promise 🙂

I do have a video today from instructor
John Miller… He’s showing the
blues guitar style of Furry Lewis
and what it means to “live on the G string”

Deep Delta Blues

You might not understand everything he’s
doing in this video, but don’t worry because
with the “Deep Delta Blues” package, you’ll
get it all tabbed out.

It gets released September 13!

But even if we don’t get all the right hand
picking stuff, you can learn a lot from
this video today, just from the chord shapes
he’s using.

We see we have a “D” shape moved up
2 frets to make an E…

And then we also have like an A7 shape
that’s moved up 2 frets to the B7.

What I mean is, you have a normal A
major open chord, and then you can
hit the G note on the high E string…

That’s an A7…You can also use your
pinky to hit the high A note, to make
what some people call a “long A” chord.

I was aware of these shapes, but I hadn’t
thought to just move those shapes up
2 frets to get the B and B7 chord
as part of a blues…

That’s pretty neat 🙂

Especially the way Furry does it with
all that killer right hand picking!


Stay tuned because I’ll have more
of my own videos soon for you ,
as well as more “deep blues” stuff.



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