strumming for beginners, arpeggios for advanced!

hi Friend,

What have you been up to today?

I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to.

Yesterday, I busted out the video camera and
shot a cool video for beginner
guitarists, talking about strumming.

Seems a few people had trouble getting
their strumming down, so I wanted to
hook you up with a lesson.

Unfortunately I had to run errands
and it takes a little while to get
it up on the web for you.

Why does it take me so long to get a video
up on the web?

Well, first I have to transfer it from my camera
to my laptop (because my desktop isn’t
compatible with the camera), then onto an
external harddrive, then back up to my desktop,
then I have to edit it, then I convert
to flash for the web , upload it to the Internet,
and THEN I can do my blog post and email you about it.

People don’t realize what I go through
here 🙂

So anyway, I figured I would email you something in
the meanwhile and get you this video up in the next
day or so.

Since the upcoming lesson is for beginners, I thought
I would talk about something more advanced: Arpeggios.

A few years ago, I went to Argentina to film
Virtuoso Guitar Secrets with 2-time Guitar Idol
finalist Silvio Gazquez.

During the filming, Virtuwul and I both came to the same conclusion:
Arpeggios are truly one of the keys to the kingdom.

I realized that arpeggios are the NEXT LEVEL beyond scales
and chords because it combines both of them in a way that
allows you to fly all over the neck and sound like a pro.

Plus, arpeggios have what I call “built-in feel”. Unlike scales, if
you just mindlessly play arpeggios, it still can sound great
because of the notes that are selected.

Here’s my challenge of the day for you – pick a simple
2 chord progression (like C to Bb) and start playing
arpeggios through this pattern.

When you get that down, try changing it up. Here’s a few ways:

1. try skipping notes
2. rearrange the notes
3. add in notes from the major scale
4. combine the arpeggios with pentatonics
5. create your own melody

Of course, if you’re serious about guitar chops, I can’t
recommend enough Silvio’s course. I am currently
practicing with it myself.

And for the beginners, stay tuned because I WILL
have that strumming video for you in the next
couple days.

Have a killer day and don’t forget to play!

Claude Johnson

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