Rhythm Guitar Chord Progression Tips | Easy Video Lesson

hey Friend,

Here’s a little-known fact about
Claude Johnson:

My first passion in life wasn’t guitar.
I didn’t pick that up till high school.

No… My first love was computers
and video games. My folks sent
me to computer camp one summer
when I was 8 and I was hooked.

So if I’m still a little bit
nerdy, now you know the reason 🙂

Anyway, for some reason, I JUST
started playing one of my favorite
games after a 30 year break.

Talk about nostalgia! It’s
called Zork and it came
out in 1979.


Funny thing is that its
still a ton of fun. I’m
having a blast.

It’s important to do things
that are fun!

Guitar is a ton of fun, but
I’m always doing that and
I do it professionally
so I need other things 🙂

Anyway, speaking of guitar,
let’s continue to the topic
of the day.

Jon Maclennan just posted
another video — its
a sample clip from the
“Fasttrack Guitar System”
that comes out in 1 short week!


What is the Fasttrack Guitar System?

It’s a 3 DVD set complete with tabs…

It includes a lot of “foundational” material
which is great for beginners, but also
has a nice repertoire of songs, PLUS
great peppering of tips for advanced
players, PLUS some key secrets on playing
all your favorite songs by ear.

Also, very important:

THIS THURSDAY we’re doing a live interactive
webinar for EVERYONE… You can access that
through the blog post.

See you there!

Don’t forget to have fun today!

Claude Johnson

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