Consistency In Guitar Practice Is Important

hi Friend,

I did it.

I got up super early today and practiced.
Actually 2 days in a row now.

I should tell you that it’s been some time
since I got up early for anything – it seems
I’ve become a bit of a night owl as of late.

I used to get up early a few years ago. I would actually
practice for a few hours before I went to my job,
then I would practice again at night.

Well I’m re-kindling the old habit of getting up

There’s a TON of power in working on something you’re
really passionate about, first thing in the morning.

Because if we don’t do the really important things first,
the day can slip away from us. I’m sure you know
what I’m talking about – all kinds of things come:
interruptions, excuses, whatever.

I’ll be honest with you – normally I DON’T have a lot
of willpower when it comes to hitting that snooze button.
Sleep just feels sooo good to my body.

But here’s how I did it: I set my alarm for 6:00 AM
the night before and scheduled my practice time
from 6:20 to 7:20.

There’s 2 really powerful things here: First, I recently
read that if you schedule an exact time to do something,
there’s a much higher chance you’ll actually do it!

Secondly, I gave my body 20 minutes to “wake up”.

Oftentimes, we feel really tired in the morning but
once we get going, we are fine. So, a nice 20 minute
buffer to let my body wake up seemed to do the trick.

I’m not even sure how I did it in the past trying to roll
out of bed and start jamming. I must have been super
motivated (lol)

The nice thing about playing guitar in the morning
is that I can practice again later in the day
and now I’m making double progress.

I’m a big believer in following your passions
in life, whether its guitar playing, or whatever.

Because why not? Why shouldn’t we get the things
we want in life?

Maybe it sounds corny, but I think you can accomplish
just about anything you set your mind to.

Butcha gotta work at it.

However, building a musical skill is something we have almost
total control over. All it takes is practice, along
with good information.

Since you’re on my email list, you have access to plenty
of good information and guitar instructors.

The practice part is up to you!

The #1 thing that’s important is consistency. A little
patience never hurt either. Heck, I’m still
working on becoming the guitar player I’ve always dreamed
of being, but I’ve come a long way since I started and
I’m excited to keep getting better.

I challenge YOU to start getting consistent with your
guitar practice, or take it to the next level. Pick a time
when you’re gonna practice, and stick to it. You might
surprise yourself with your progress.

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