pay ManBearPig or space aliens will kill you

Hey Friend,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the lessons
I’m posting on my blog. I’ve
been doing more of them lately with
video and tabs.


If you’ve been on my list for a while,
you know I’ll do everything from guitar
lessons to wacky entertainment, to
sharing personal strories, whatever…

So pardon me today if I get off topic
of the guitar, but I just gotta rant for a minute.

I can’t believe what I’m reading in the news:

“According to a report produced by scientists
from NASA and Pennsylvania State University,
space aliens could attack earth to save it
from environmental damage”.

Has the global warming thing really gotten
to this point?


In case you’re not familiar with the
topic, let me fill you in on a few
interesting details.

First, Al “ManBearPig” Gore has been
the leading crusader against
“man made global warming”.

He even made a movie about it…
The mainstream media played along…
They would have you believe the
science was settled…

But did you know that over 30,000 scientists
including over 9000 PhDs signed a petition
saying the opposite?

Meanwhile, Al Gore was busy creating
a Chicago stock exchange for carbon
credits… The plan was to get YOUR MONEY
in the form of taxes (cap and trade).

Well, it doesn’t take a genius to see
that same people promoting the global
warming agenda were the same people
that stood to profit from it.

Like Frank Zappa said, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

But the battle continued. In 2009, the EPA
declared that carbon dioxide (the air
we exhale) is a toxic greenhouse gas!

Yes they want to tax the air you breathe.
I’m not making this up.

This happened even after the infamous
“Climategate” episode in which thousands
of hacked emails showed proof that scientists
working for the establishment were purposefully
manipulating numbers.

But truth and reality is finally winning.
In 2010, the Chicago Climate Exchange stopped
tradding carbon credits when trading volume
fell to zero.

Desperate vestiges of the climate crisis clan
remain, like claiming aliens are about to
get us.

The bottom line is you can’t trust politicians,
bureaucrats or even mainstream journalists
anymore. You really have to look to alternative
media to find out what’s really going on in
the world.

I don’t usually rant about “political” stuff
but this was just too funny.

Glad to have gotten that out of my system.

Back to guitar stuff… I’ll be sending
you some more video lessons soon,
plus I have a few big announcements
in my next email, so keep rocking!

Claude Johnson

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