What do drunk hillbillies and MTV kids have in common?

Hi Friend,

What do drunk hillbillies and MTV kids have in common?

They think classical guitar sucks!

The fried MTV kids can’t focus on anything
for more than 2.2 seconds.

And the drunk hillbilly can’t put the bottle down
long enough to learn a classical song.

Fortunately, I know you’re NOT like these flunkees.

And I bet your smart and driven enough to know
that learning classical guitar can be one of the most
rewarding things you can ever learn.

I’m talking about expanding your guitar chops
and music theory to the highest levels.

I’m talking about creating musical magic.

Also… here’s an insider tip:

You can book yourself at almost any high end Italian
restaurant and make a few hundred dollars a night.

I’m serious… You can probably make that a weekly gig.

First things first: Go watch the new video of Lily showing
some cool stuff that you’re going to learn from her DVDs
plus a new post showing a Bach tune.


BTW — Lily loves to read your comments.
Show her some love!

Stay tuned for more,
Claude J.

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