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hey Friend,

Remember what I was saying yesterday
about always having something
cool or interesting to work on?

Jazz guitar is an entirely
different realm and one
you gotta be familiar with.

Actually, you don’t “gotta” anything.

You can do whatever you want.

Heck, you can go play the tuba for
all I care..haha…

But, what I mean is that
if you’re a guitarist,
you’re missing out
if you don’t explore
a bit of jazz.

So, in today’s lesson,
Jon Maclennan gives us
some cool chordal ideas
using the principle
of “common tones”.

Check it out!


And by the way, we have an absolutely amazing
jazz guitar course called “Real Easy Jazz”.


Rest up and get ready for another
great week in the life!


P.S. Jon is coming out with a new lead
guitar course next month… I’ll have
more info for you including free sample
lessons, etc… You’ll dig…over and out.


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