R.I.P MJ – also 2 new vids & guitar winners announced

Hi Friend,

So last night I had dinner
over at my parent’s place,
and as I was driving home,
I decided to turn on the radio.

I happened to turn it on right
in the middle of the guitar
solo from “Beat it”.

As you may or may not know,
that’s Eddie Van Halen
playing that lead.

I love that tune Beat it… In fact
I teach it in the Ultimate
Beginner Guitar Course

So getting back to the story,
I got home, hopped online, and read the news.

I couldn’t believe it. Michael
Jackson had passed away.

While I’ve never been to a MJ concert,
I am in awe of Michael’s abilities as a vocalist,
songwriter, and performer.

I think he’s a good person too. No, I don’t
believe the accusations although certainly
some of the things he did were pretty strange.

So rest in peace Michael, and thanks for all the
great tunes like Beat it.

Ya know… I feel there are a lot of lessons from Michael’s
life. Like money ain’t everything.

Better to be happy and enjoy life, don’t you think?

Playing music and playing guitar is a great way
to do that, and that’s why I’m in the music business.

I mean, playing guitar is just FUNNNN…

My goal is to help you have maximum fun.

Well, I have to give myself a small pat on the back
because it seems everyone wants to get their
hands on our new DVD: Wicked Chickin Pickin’ Chops.

One cool thing about this DVD is that there
is material on here that is simple for the beginner,
and also more advanced stuff for the seasoned

On today’s blog post I uploaded 2 sample videos to
show my point.

I also listed the names of the winners of
the early bird contest.

Go check it out:

We are running our special “product launch”
prices for this DVD now through Tuesday.

So don’t wait… Life is too short
to miss out on this.

You can read all about the new DVDs here:

Do it now while it’s fresh in your mind.

Have a great weekend,

Claude Johnson

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