See a picture of Claude and Nina riding the elephant

Hey Friend,

I’ve got an awesome picture for you today
from a couple weeks ago… when I was
at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair
and got to ride an Elephant.

But holllld on….

Before I show you, I want to make a quick

I’m coming out with something amazing
around Halloween time, and it called
“The Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection”.

It might blow your mind.

It might be the best thing I’ve
ever offered.

We’ll see…

Alright, without further ado,
I think this is a pretty neat

My dear friend Nina was cool enough
to ride the elephant with me at
the fair.

Right on!

What do you think?

How much do you think the elephant weighs?
Post your comment. I always like to hear from you.

Yep, the elephant is cooler than cool jazz.

Come to think of it there’s a famous jazz
club in Austin, Tx called “the elephant room”, lol…
I haven’t been there yet, but I plan to visit
when I see my friends in Austin.

In honor of the elephant, check out the new jazz
course that’s been flying off the shelves:

And definitely stay tuned for more hilarious and
crazy details about the new Ultimate Guitar Secrets Collection

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