Song Surgeon 3.0 is out, and YES I’m actually giving away copies

Hi Friend,

What if I told you that you can learn to play
any guitar solo by ear, no matter how fast and
complicated it is?

What if I told you that you can do it TODAY?


Well maybe its “cheating” but there’s a software
that can slow down any audio track or part of
an audio track.

It’s called “Song Surgeon” and there’s 2 bits
of GREAT NEWS I need to tell you immediately:

1. The “3.0” version of Song Surgeon just came out and it’s
even BETTER than it was before. Not only
are there cool new features, but more importantly,
the *quality* of the sound just got A LOT better.

I’m serious — I was seriously impressed at how
crystal clear the audio is on this new version,
even when you slow the tempo WAYYYY DOWWWNNNN.


2. You can get it phreee…

I’ve been working really hard the last couple
days to hook you up with a copy of this fanstastic
piece of software that belongs in every guitarists’

Just pick up one of my “exotic” guitar packages
(I’ll even throw in phree shipping on that too),
and you’ll automatically get a copy of Song Surgeon 3.0,
which normally costs $59.

So it’s basically like I’m handing you 70 bucks, plus
you’re getting an incredible set of DVDs (of your choice)
and this sweet software that lets you decode the previously
“impossible” all on your own time.

You’ll love it.

But we can’t keep this dealio on the table forever, so
please get it while the gettin’s good.

To see which of the 4 offers appeals to you most,
go here NOW:

Thanks a lot!

Claude “Guitar” Johnson

P.S. I was just filming a new guitar course
yesterday with a fantastic new instructor.
New vibes coming — I’ll share more later.

Rock on!

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