SOS Japan + blog lesson

Hi Friend,

What a tragedy.

Yeah – I’m talking about Japan.
First they get hit with one of the
biggest earthquakes in recorded history.

Second, they get side-swiped by
a tsunami.

Third, they are dealing with radiation poisoning.

Virtuwul used to spend quite a bit of time in Japan.
He almost married a Japanese sweetie.

Here’s what he has to say…

“Japanese are some of the most humble,
nice and sweet people on the planet.
I talked to one of my friends and she said
it was the worst nightmare she has ever experienced.”

So I’m going to do something to help these people.

I’ll send you an email over the weekend letting
you know what I’ve figured out. We’ve got to
do what we can to help out…

Here’s other bits of news:

1. I posted a new blog lesson called “Playing fast,
with feeling.” If you want to know how to play
fast guitar and not have it sound like an exercise,
check this out:

2. We’re coming out with a Bluegrass guitar course
soon. I won’t be talking that much about it though,
unless you’re on my special bluegrass hotlist.
If interested, go to

3. Less than 2 weeks left in my soloing contest. If you
got an electric guitar and a video camera, Uncle Claude
WANTS YOU! Come join the fun:

4. RokStark has just opened up a brand new account on
Amazon and they need help getting some ratings.
So go check out their amazing package deals and
please give them a good rating. Their packages are gang-busta!

Talk to you soon!

Claude Johnson

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If you need any help with anything or want
to write us for any reason, just head over to


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