The first ever “lick of the day”

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Hey Friend,

How are you doing? It’s Claude
here with some cool guitar
lessons for you.

I thought I would start doing
some daily video lessons.

But here’s the dealio…

I didn’t get my new camera yet,
and I gave my old one to my

So, I’m in between cameras, but
I still wanted to give you a lesson
today so I recorded you an audio.

To make up for the lack of video,
I did 2 licks today – both
are in A Pentatonic.

Have you ever wanted to play fast
and smooth? Lick #1 will show
you a cool way to do it without
developing any extra picking chops.

Lick #2 will show you an interesting
idea of how you can use 3-note-per-string
patterns and how to use advanced fingerings
to get some cool sounds.

Check it out:

Rock on!

Claude Johnson

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