This is serious

Hi Friend,

Listen… I’m not gonna get “in your face”
with this email.

I’ve been told I’m already “over the top”
with my Claustin Powers movies.

True, there is nothing that controversial
in them, but I think people are just really
on edge these days.

I’ve had people lash out at me that really
can’t handle the off-the-wall goofy vibes
I’m trying to tap into.

Hey, I feel ya. Life ain’t always easy…

You should know that I’m not always the
happy-go-lucky persona you see online.

I go through the rough patches of life like
anyone else.

The difference is, I keep setting the intention
to “have an awesome attitude”. I try to
remember this thought at least once a day.

That’s a seriously good positive message.

And even though life is “SERIOUS” (depending
on how you look at it), can’t we have a laugh
every now and then?

I think we can! 🙂

If you don’t agree, that’s fine… I’ve got more lessons
coming too. In fact, I’ll show you a sweet video
showing you a killer tune by the Eagles… in my next email.

But if you’re on board with the Johnsonater wacky
vibes, then grab some popcorn and a cold beverage…
I’d like you to forget your troubles and please tune in
to enjoy the second installation of Claustin Powers 3.


Next week, I’ll unveil the exciting conclusion and
also let you in on the greatest collection of free
guitar lessons I’ve ever served up.

All my best,

Claude Johnson

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