How to Use The Basic I-IV Chord Progression With Other Chords

Hi Friend,

Hope you enjoyed the last lesson on the “I IV” chord progression.

I want to share 2 more little tips that you
might find helpful.

This is kind of an add on to the video
lesson I did last week, which you can find at:


Ok, here goes:

Tip #1:

In a major key, the I and the IV chord
go well with the V and the minor VI chord…
in pretty much any order.

So for example, in the key of A,

I IV would be A => D

try playing: I IV V VIm: A D E F#m

another example:

In the key of G:

I IV VIm V: G C Em D

Tip #2:

When you’re playing a I IV, almost any kind
of chord will work. Just keep them the same

So, for instance:

A major to D major
A minor to D minor
A7 to D7
A5 to D5
Amaj7 to Dmaj7
A9 to D9

and the list goes on…
pretty cool right?

By the way, I rarely advertise this,
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course if really want to expand your chordal
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of video.


Thanks !

Claude Johnson


Stay tuned for next “Claustin Powers”
episode next email. If you don’t like my home movies,
that’s fine. It’s just a nice little
bonus to all the guitar stuff 🙂

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