justin guitar scales

Welcome back! Today I wanna show you some awesome guitar scales.
I had a friend of mine called justin who would always play this awesome intriguing type of
pentatonic scale in such a particular way that I just had to name them justin guitar scales. Since
his picking technique wasn’t so good, he would use a lot of legato and slide technique.
For this examples I wanna show you some chops I made using his technique on the F# Minor
Pentatonic scale. The concept is very simple: you just have to grab a lick / pattern and expand it
up and down until a certain note of the scale and then either return or stay there. You usually
have to play 4 note phrases and most of the times is no more than 2 notes per string which
make legato way easier.
Let’s check out the first exercise:


Pretty cool right? Well you can grab the same pattern I just showed you and expand it by
connecting it another F# Minor Pentatonic Position. For instance you could change positions in
the middle of the lick like this:


If you are feeling brave, you can take this challenge and use 3 different positions in one lick.
This one is really cool because you start on the very 2nd fret and end on the 14th fret of the 1st
string. It definitely looks impressive. Let’s check it out:


My piece of advice for playing these type of legato patterns, is to use an upstroke most of the
time and in certain cases an alternate picking technique. But most of the time you’ll see yourself
playing an upstroke.

This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
entire database of videos here:


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