Greeting from the beaches of San Francisco!

Very important message from best-selling guitar teacher: Jimmy Dillon.

Greeting from the beaches of San Francisco!

Hey. Jimmy Dillon reaching out to you from San Francisco, California.

You know, I’ve been requested by a lot of different players
over the years for one product in particular and that product
is Ultimate Acoustic Blues Guitar. There’s a lot of blues
lovers and a lot of really, really fanatically loyal acoustic
players out there. So this one is for you. You guys
requested it; you got it at

It drops October 16th. Please check-in with Claude Johnson
and myself, Jimmy Dillon, on the web and we look forward
to seeing you. Also, there will be all kinds of giveaways
and fun stuff. So Ultimate Acoustic Blues Guitar
coming out October 16th.

Greetings from California. I’m going to give you a shot
of the ocean here. Check it out. It’s one of those days.
There’s a surfer dude. All right. Peace out from California.

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