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For beginner guitar players, it’s nice to have a few riffs that you could practice and be able to play with relative ease. Below are some songs that have pretty easy guitar riffs that you should be able to play after only a little bit of practice. However, they’re still hard enough to help you build up your skills, so they’re worth a try.

“Adam’s Song” by Blink-182
The intro to this song is a fairly easy guitar riff for you to play, but the rest of the song should also be quite easy to follow. And, it will help you with your picking hand coordination too, which is something you definitely want to have down. Blink-182 has a lot of great songs for beginners, and most of them have catchy but easy guitar riffs, so you should check out their other songs if you like this one and find it useful to learn.

“Atwa” by System of a Down
System of a Down is another band that has some great guitar riffs, many of which are also easy to play. For “Atwa” though, make sure you tune all your guitar strings down a whole step, since they use dropped tuning. The intro riff to the song is an easy guitar riff that will help you again with your picking hand’s coordination, as well as with slides.


“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day
Like Blink-182, Green Day also has a lot of catchy songs with easy guitar riffs in the punk rock genre, and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” is one of their most popular songs. It’s also got an easy riff to play; all you’ll need are a few power chords to pull off both the verses and the chorus, so if you already know how to form a power chord, you should have no problem learning and playing this song.

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“Pennyroyal Tea” by Nirvana
Nirvana is one of the most famous bands of the grunge scene, and though they’re no longer together, their songs are timeless. “Pennyroyal Tea” also has a great riff to play, involving just power chords. After the acoustic intro, you’ll just need to start hammering away at those chords, and you’ll be playing along with the great Kurt Cobain in no time.

So if you’re looking for some guitar riffs to practice your chops with, these songs should be enough of a challenge, but still easy enough for you to be able to play them in one session. Keep in mind that these bands have a ton of other songs similar to these, so if you like what you hear, have a listen to more.

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