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When it comes to kids it could be very hard to get them started on guitar. There are so many
exercises, but the reality is that you have to teach them songs that are memorable, happy and
specifically the ones that bring out a smile on their faces. I also think they need technical
exercises to get used to the guitar, but the key is to always make it look like what they are doing
is very hard to achieve but that somehow they are making it sound awesome! seriously it works.

So if you wanna teach them a boring exercise that you know will help them out a lot, but you are
afraid your kid will lose interest, then the key again is to make them think they are doing
incredibly great in achieving something that let’s say took you way longer. They are now gonna
see the exercise as “cool” because it is hard and complicated but they can do it with no problem
at all.

For instance, let’s take this very normal and boring exercise:



This is a great exercise to improve picking skills.

Another great way to teach kids how to play guitar is, of course, with a very happy that is
somehow well known or memorable. In this case we have Ode to Joy by Beethoven. The
original melody has been rearranged for guitar and specifically for children. Let’s give it a try:


The rhythm of this composition is almost always the same so there won’t be a problem there.
You can also teach your kid how to play the chords for this song and perhaps you play the
melody while your kid plays the chords, or the other way around.

The chords I have chosen for this occasion go perfectly well on top of the melody and are
extremely simple and easy to play. Let’s give it a try:


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