How to Play The Lazy Song By Bruno Mars

Check out this free guitar lesson from Guitar Control founder and instructor Claude Johnson on the modern Bruno Mars classic The Lazy Song. Step by step video instruction makes this an easy tune to get under your belt in record time.



Next we’re gonna learn The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, it’s a newer group but I wanted to throw something new in that’s popular; last time I checked the song got 124 million views on YouTube, so by the time you watch it it’s probably 200 million, it’s really cool song.

The Lazy Song Verse

For the verses were going to be going to B to F sharp to E; now I’ve heard different versions of it, it might be capo up or tuned down. When they played it live was in a different key, this is pretty accurate key of B. So for this I’m using it’s like kind of a skaw reggae feel. I’m doing the pick pluck technique again that I’ve talked about a zillion times. The first chord is D. So I’m plucking the the bottom note on the low E string and using my middle ring and pinkie to get the D, G and B strings respectively and then I go up to the F sharp, which is the root on the A string, but the other three notes are still in the D G/B… Now watch this… I love that move… it’s actually playing an E flat seven. I’ve seen this one on the web, like minor seven, it’s not a minor seven, it’s dominant seven and up to the E; really hot harmony kind of move.

Lazy Song Chorus & Bridge

The chorus is gonna be C sharp minor 7, D sharp minor 7 and E. So the bridge is gonna be like basically C sharp minor 7 and F sharp and back to the root B major. So how I would arrange this is like I would use that pick pluck thing on the uppers and then I would switch to kind of like one strong feel on the chorus…

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