How to Play Wagon Wheel on Acoustic Guitar

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Wagon Wheel Chords

Here’s a song that’s a little more contemporary. It’s a song that was actually co-written by Bob Dylan and the Old Crow Medicine Show which is a newer band, very young band. There’s kind of a mixture of the old and the new, it’s called Wagon Wheel, you’ve probably heard it, if you haven’t it’s very popular song, but I like it because in the key of G. The magic G chord is your basic G chord, nothing fancy, then a D and then an E minor, which I think we know by now; open E second finger on the second fret of the A string, third finger on the second fret of the D string and the rest are all open. Now this is how the song feels… and that’s pretty much how it goes.

Now songs like Wagon Wheel are deceptively simple, we’ve got four chords G a D and E minor and a C, but the way that you hit it with your right hand is going to determine the rise and fall of the song. So what’s going to make it interesting whether you’re playing with, again it’s a great sing-along, it’s a campfire kind of song, but how you how you apply your right hand dynamically change the sound.

Wagon Wheel has really easy strumming, this one kind of drives though, up, down, down, you can just watch what I’m doing there and feel it, it’s kind of got a bounce to it.

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