How To Make It Easy To Play Guitar Songs

Hey guys! Gaby Soule here from, today we’re going to talk about how cool and useful it is to learn very easy guitar songs.

It´s very important for us to understand what we are looking for when we try to figure out an easy guitar song.

Some of the most relevant elements are melodies and riffs. It’s good to find songs with riffs, melodies or solos that are so simple that we could even sing or whistle them.

Once we have found a song we need to listen to it as many times as we can until we can really say we know its parts well. If we make sure we understand what a song is about we’ll know better what kind of skill or knowledge we’re going to achieve by studying it and, at the same time, we’ll be able to get more and faster information from lesson or tab related to it.

Trying to figure out songs by ear is also a very good exercise even if you don’t do it very precisely at the beginning. This will train many abilities at the same time including the fact that it will make you think of different ways of playing something until you find the one that works better for you.

Another thing is that you have to be patient if you can’t play complete songs when you start with this process. Many times songs have easy licks, riffs or melodies in their beginnings but they could get hard as you reach their ends.

It might take some time but you will eventually play complete songs, trust me. Anyway playing isolated parts in the meanwhile is a very good exercise, too.

Let me show you some examples of things that will be good to find when learning easy songs:

Single string riffs use to be very simple and cool (Sample 1).


Root and fifth chords are the solution when the regular chords get hard.

Simple solos and melodies will train your ear and your technique at the same time.

Repetitive licks or phrases can be a funny way to play exercises without getting bored.

Here´s an easy guitar riff from Jimi Hendrix, check it out!


Try to listen to your favorite bands, guitar players, singers or whatever type of music you like and think about their songs in terms of how hard or easy they can be for you to play right now and in the near future. Practice as much as you can and you will notice how your playing improves in such a way that you will find yourself playing things that will surprise you.

Remember that practice is very important but patience is very important, too!.

Keep on playing! See you soon!

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