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Born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, blues guitarist Tab Benoit plays a style of blues that can only be described as a mixture of swamp blues, soul blues and Chicago blues on his signature Fender Telecaster. The Telecaster is not usually known as a common choice for blues guitar players.

Benoit began playing the guitar in his teenage years while hanging out at a club called the Blues Box where he met many influential players of the day. In 1987 he formed a blues trio with his friends and began playing in local clubs around Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Soon after he started touring through other parts of the southern United States and two years after that gave an entire tour of the United States. Tab Benoit is known as a huge fan of the New Orleans Saints and was also featured in the IMAX film Hurricane on the Bayou.

Despite comparisons to such guitarists as Albert King and Jimi Hendrix, Benoit has tried to stay close to his Cajun roots despite the prodding of some of his producers to head in a more rock influenced direction.

Over the past 20 years, this blues guitarist has released many different albums including Wetlands and Whiskey Store. Tab Benoit continues to tour and entertain audiences across the US and Canada.

Top 5 Songs

Night Train
Bayou Boogie
When a Cajun Man Gets the Blues
New Orleans Ladies
Nice and Warm

Top 3 Albums

Whiskey Store
These Blues Are All Mine


Night Train To Nashville (2008)
Fever For The Bayou (2005)
Whiskey Store (2002)
Brother To The Blues (2006)
Sea Saint Sessions (2003)
Power Of The Pontchartrain (2007)
Whiskey Store Live (2004)
These Blues Are All Mine (1999)
Wetlands (2002)

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