Roy Rogers – Most Famous American Singer And Cowboy Actor

Blues guitarist Roy Rogers (Jul 28, 1950), named after the singing cowboy Roy Rogers, is an American slide guitarist and record producer. Born in Redding, California, Rogers began playing guitar at 12 years of age and at age 13 he was performing in a rock ‘n’ roll band. He formed his own band in 1980, called the Delta Rhythm Kings, and toured Europe with the 1982 San Francisco Blues Festival Revue. Upon returning from Europe, Rogers joined John Lee Hooker’s Coast to Coast Blues Band and toured with them for four years as a featured blues guitarist and vocalist. He released his first solo album, Chops Not Chaps, in 1985 on his own label.

Top 5 Songs

Bad Situation
Don’t Say A Word
Rockin’ at The Hey Hey
Slide Zone
Ode to The Delta

Top 3 Albums

Chops Not Chaps
Blues on the Range
Split Decision


Rogers And Burgin: A Foot In The Door (1976 Waterhouse Records)
Chops Not Chaps (1986, Blind Pig Records)
Slidewinder (1988, Blind Pig Records)
Blues on the Range (1989, Blind Pig Records)
R&B (1991, Blind Pig Records)
Slidewinder (1992, Blind Pig Records)
Travellin’ tracks (1992, Blind Pig Records)
Slide of Hand (1993, Liberty)
Slide Zone (1994, Capitol)
Rhythm & Groove (1996, Pointblank)
Pleasure & Pain (1998, Pointblank)
Everybody’s Angel (1999, Roshan)
Slideways (2002, Evidence)
Roots of Our Nature (2002, Blind Pig Records)
Live! At The Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room (2004, Chops Not Chaps)
The Best of Two (2007, Chops Not Chaps)
Ballads Before The Rain (2008, Friday Music)
Split Decision (2009, Blind Pig Records)

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