Easy Intro To Drop D Tuning for Acoustic Guitar

Drop D tuning isn’t just for metal. Many other genres have adopted this cool alternate tuning and the results are sweet. Check out this Easy Drop D Tuning Acoustic Guitar Lesson from Guitar Control instructor Sean Daniel with included free tabs.

Easy Drop D Tuning Acoustic Guitar Lesson
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What’s going on everybody? Sean Daniel with Guitar Control here and today we’re doing an absolute intro into drop D tuning. So if you’ve never experimented with different alternative tunings I think this is the easiest most accessible one and make sure you click the link below because we were going to tab out a little bit of what we’re doing.

Drop D Power Chords

So what is drop D to you and how is it useful? Basically all it is if you take a regular standard tuned guitar or guitar an E standard as its called, the names of the strings will be; E, A, D, G, B and E. Now with drop D means is you take the low E string and you drop it down to match this D string but an octave below. So you can use a tuner or just kind of like go down or you can use this D as a reference tone until you get them about the same. Okay so one thing this does right off the bat is it makes power chords extremely easy to play. So a power chord, if you don’t know, let’s do a power chord rooted on the A string at the fifth fret and the seventh fret of the D string together that makes a power chord and you can move them all over the place; it isn’t major or minor, it’s just kind of like a beefed up single note that you’ll see in a lot of easy intro beginner songs and just like rock songs in general. What drop D allows us to do is to play a 1 and a 5, that’s what a power chord is, a root note and then down a string down two frets, it allows us to play those on the same string. So whereas before if I wanted to play a power chord right here I’d have to do this stretch…

Lessons on Rock Songs

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