Fun Guitar Songs in the Alternative/Punk Genre

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We all like fun guitar songs, because they’re fun to play! If you’re a fan of alternative or punk rock, and you like the classic vibe, check out the songs below from some of the most famous punk rock bands from recent decades.

“Commando” by The Ramones
The Ramones are known for fun, high-energy punk rock tunes that make people want to headbang, and “Commando” is one of them that will have you rocking out for sure. It’s a rather simple song to play, so once you’ve ironed out the necessary chords, turn up that volume, grab a few friends, and jam on it!


“Violet” by Hole
Courtney Love from Hole has the perfect voice for this fun, angsty punk rock song. To play this song, all you’ll need is a guitar and a ton of attitude. It’s a really fun song to play on your own if you’re a huge fan of the 90’s punk rock girl scene, as Courtney Love and Hole are considered to be major musicians of that era.

“God Save the Queen” by Sex Pistols
The Sex Pistols are also a very high-energy band that’s chock full of attitude, making their songs totally awesome to headbang to and play along with. The material itself isn’t too difficult to pull off, but you definitely have to play it with feeling. After only listening for a bit though, you should be feeling their vibe and rocking out.

“Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways
Like Hole, The Runaways are another female band in the punk rock scene, and “Cherry Bomb” is one of their most well-known songs. It has attitude and a heavier rock kind of feel, so it’s a fun song for any guitarist to play. If you like their sound, make sure to check out other songs by them; Lita Ford, the lead guitarist, is known to be one of the greatest female guitarists in rock, so don’t take her solos lightly!

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“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” by The Clash
“Should I Stay Or Should I Go?” has an addictive melody that will be hard to shake out of your head, so you might as well grab your guitar and play along with it. It’s a fun song to play because you’ll get to alternate the vocals and guitar, so it keeps things loose and interesting.

If you’re a punk rocker, you should have loads of fun jamming with these songs. Punk rock is known for sometimes getting a little crazy too, so don’t be afraid to really let loose and rock out. It’s even better with company, so if you have friends that play, why not have a music session together?

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