How to Play Easy Slide Guitar Songs For Beginners

So, you’ve done the impossible and learned how to successfully play the slide guitar (or you’ve started to learn). As you’re probably aware, it is challenging, inventive, and about as unique as guitar playing gets. You can play with a slide or even an empty bottle in a manner that must be tons of fun at parties. By now, you must know that you are not alone in your slide guitar, and there have been many legendary musicians who have attempted the art before you. As such, there are many songs that have been birthed because of this method, and I’m sure you’re eager to learn them to. So without further ado, here are some slide guitar songs for you to listen, pick up, and play. Statesboro Blues slide-guitar-lick.jpg This is a staple for all slide guitar music to come after it. Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers used the slide to mimic a blues harp. His technique and skill was so well received that it inspired him to do more slide songs after it. As you can see, it’s not too challenging, just keep an eye on that triplet. Give Me Love Ah, this is one of the best slide songs out there. While it isn’t the most well-known, it showcases the skills of Beatles member, George Harrison exceptionally. He practically defined slide guitar, not basing it off of any blues structure, and instead, taking it to a league of his own. This is a piece of music history that would be a fine addition to any guitarist’s repertoire. Check this slide guitar lesson with our man Jon Maclennan: SLIDE GUITAR LESSON In My Time of Dying This gospel-rooted ballad by Led Zeppelin showcases how to perfectly mix a slide guitar with other instruments in a band. It is beautiful, heartfelt, and particularly captivating, despite the band not having written the piece. Slide guitar is not easy, but it’s a skill that few have. So if you choose to continue learning the various songs and riffs, then kudos to you. You’re a brave soul. Rock on, friends. So, if you want to get more into this technique, I recommend you to check out this cool guitar course: ROCKIN THE BLUES

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