How to Play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond | Tabs and Video

Neil Diamond is arguably one of the greatest song writers of our time. With a steady stream of hit songs and a cult following it’s no wonder. Check out this free lesson from Guitar Control from instructor Jon MacLennan on How to Play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond with included free tabs.

How to Play Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond


Hey how’s it going? This is Jon McLennan and I hope you’re doing fantastic and welcome to this video lesson. Today I’m here with and we’re gonna learn a song called Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. Be sure to click the link below so you can get the tab that goes along with this video lesson. It’s an awesome song and a great crowd-pleaser. So make sure you’re in tune and let’s zoom in and break down Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.

Sweet Caroline Intro

What I played for the intro for Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond was this line that’s all on the second string; zero two three zero two three two zero three two zero… then I add a harmony to it so I play in thirds. Here I’ve got the fourth fret third fret and I go slide it up two frets and then seven and seven so… Then I add a third part to it, these look like triads, so this would be like a B minor, then move it up to a C sharp minor… so what I did there was walk up to the D then go back to C sharp minor. So that would be one these are half notes.

Then I barre at the ninth fret down to seven three strings. So for that intro again, let me play the top line for you or the melody part… now what I did was I’m using a thumb pick you know and you can use a straight pick to do this as well, but I pedaled the bass note, you know just one two three four one two three and then I play the melody while I keep that bass note going. So we wanted to sound like this so basically the idea is that that’s just going steady and I’m palm muting a little bit one two three…

Again you could do it without a thumb pick, just use your fingers or you know some guys to do hybrid picking – so here’s with a pick… now for the verse.


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