How to Practice The CAGED Chords With The Song Hey Joe

Guitar Lesson on CAGED Chords -- Harmony Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson on CAGED Chords - Harmony Guitar Lesson

How’s it going? I’m John McClennan and
I’m here with,
bringing you this video blog. We just
went over in our previous lesson what
I call the caged chords. And those are
C, A, G, E and D. And from that you get
the word CAGED. You want to make sure you
know all of those chords and you want to
practice moving between them. What I’m going
to do is I’m just going to give you a song
here to practice that utilizes all of
those chords. So let’s jump right in.

We’re going to start on a C and then we’re going
to go to G and then a D, an A and an E.
So just write that down or click the link
below and you’re going to see this tabbed
out for you. But we’re going to start with
two beats on each chord like this: one, two;
three, four; one, two; three, four. And then
two measures on the E. This is Jimi Hendrix,
“Hey Joe”, just the basic chords to it. C, G,
D, A, E; two, three, four.

One of the things you’re going to want to do
is just strum each chord once, just to mark
it and make sure that the notes are coming
through clean. And of course, you want to try
and make those right on the beat. So one, two;
three, four. If you have to go slower,
that just means you have to go slower, like this.
If a specific chord is hard, like let’s say it’s
hard for you to go from C to G, you’ve just got
to sit there and go C, G; C, G; C, G; back and forth.

And then go G, C; G, C; and reverse it. So you’ve
got to teach your fingers the muscle memory to
where you can utilize the chords and when you’re
playing a song, in the heat of the moment, just nail it,
whatever chord right on the down beat where it’s
supposed to be. So practice these chords.

Once again, let’s go through the pattern
of all of them: C, G, D, A, E. “Hey Joe”,
easy song to get you started. And I hope this helps.
We’ll catch you in the next video. Thanks for watching.

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