How To Play The Guitar Chords For Beginners

acoustic guitar lesson - chords for beginners


acoustic guitar lesson - chords for beginners


Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here with
I’m going to do another beginner acoustic video.

Hopefully you watched my other video when I talked about the
I IV progression. For example, E to A. Nice, cool, basic chord
progression. Today’s lesson, I just want to make a cool point
in that you can take any chord type, pretty much, and play it
with a I IV progression.

In the key of E, we have E to A. Here’s what you can do. You
can do it with major chords like I just did: E major, A major.
Or you can do it with minor chords: E minor to A minor. What
about minor 7? Or dominant 7, just like a blues. Any chord type,
you can do like major 7. It would be like this. With suss,
let’s say you do this. Any chord type you can generally put
through that formula.

I know if you’re a beginner I put a lot of chords that you
don’t know yet, but that’s okay. Keep watching the channel
and you’ll learn a lot. Also, you can check-out my
Ultimate Beginner Guitar course, just go to

That’s all I’ve got for you in this video, but we’ll be
playing more. Have an awesome day. Take care.

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