How to Play Blues Rock Guitar Riff in A

Rock Blues Guitar Lesson - Blues Rock Guitar Riff in A

Hey, guys. Claude Johnson here. I want to talk about
blues rock guitar today.

Rock grew out of the blues so it really helps to study
blues and get that foundation. A lot of the soloing is
the same, too. It’s like pentatonics and it’s very similar.
Rock is basically blues that’s sped-up and given a steady
rhythm rather than a shuffle rhythm as is traditionally
used with the blues.

One thing you can do just to get that classic blues rock
kind of vibe, grab your guitar, plug it in, turn up some
distortion. And if we’re in the key of A, we always hear
the blues I, IV, V. So it’s like really simple. It’s like
I, IV progression, so A to D. There’s your blues rock right
there. What’s nice about this is open A and then D. We’re
kind of using this major triad shape on the D, G and B
strings. So you can do that.

You could do I, IV, V. That could be a riff. Or you could do
like A to C to D. All these nice little riffs come out of
just knowing this barre chord shape and being able to just
riff up and down the neck. It’s all kind of like based on
the I, IV harmony.

Hopefully that gives you some good ideas and I’ll give you
some more examples in another video. If you’d like to check-out
some of our DVDs that teach a lot of great songs based on this
and other progressions and chords and everything, just go to So thanks so much for watching and
I’ll catch you later.

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