How to Add Country & Blues Elements to your Guitar Riffs (Blues Guitar Lesson w/ Darrin Goodman)

In this free lesson from Guitar Control, instructor Darrin Goodman, is going to teach you how to play a sweet “Country Blueish Riff” that uses the Hybrid Picking technique. Don’t know how to use the hybrid picking technique? No problem. Darrin breaks it down so you can easily pickup this sweet country blueish riff on your guitar in record time. Be sure to click on the link for the tabs so that you can easily follow along. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss any of the new lessons that we publish throughout the week from Darrin as well as the rest of the instructors here at Guitar Control.

Hey everybody how’s it going this is Darrin, with guitar bringing you this video lesson. Today I want to show you a kind of a cool little riff that’s honestly don’t know if I would call it exactly as country blues but it has some country and blues elements, mixed together. If you saw the video then you know it’s more like of a traditional kind of a country blues. Will be using the hybrid picking technique, dual string and some different stuff.

Check the image above to follow the chords and tabs.

We are in the key of a and a lot of this is primarily going to be out of the minor pentatonic scale starting at the fifth fret on the low, we’ve got five eight, five, seven, five, seven, five, seven, five, eight, five, eight, will be the first pattern of the minor pentatonic scale.

For the hybrid picking technique what i’m going to do is playing my lower notes with the guitar pick. Holding the pick between my thumb and first finger, then using my middle finger to pick and pluck some of the higher notes and my third finger as well. We start off with a string plate open twice and then you try to do is let that ring out while you’re doing this and that. Probably one of the most difficult parts of this is to not accidentally touch the strings and mute them.

I’m hitting it the way just what i want to, about 50 of the time. You know it’s just so hard not to touch that string, once you go to the other part twice then you’re going to take your third finger and going to bar it across your g and b string at the seventh fret, and your first finger is going to be barring the fifth fret of the g and b string, then putting my middle finger down in between the sixth fret in between. Because what we’re going to do is we’re going to pick the g and b string at the same time with the second and third finger.

We’re going to do a bend, bending both strings at the same time at the same fret and pushing it. You hear the difference, it’s a different interval when we go up it’s more of of a major sound when we go down it’s more of like a minor sound, so we’re going to bend and release and then a pull off.

When you do this pull off you just more or less kind of want to drag that third finger across so it picks the g and the b string, if you want to try it but don’t want to hear your high, what I do is play the g and the b string on the pad of my finger and slightly bending back in that way the back part of my finger is muting the first string. If you’ve never done this before you’re more than likely going to think it’s really difficult to do. But with a little bit of practice and patience you will easily do the pull off.

After doing the pull off we go to the seventh fret of the d string and then go back to where we bar at the fifth fret and follow it with the open fifth string. Again, I’m using my pick for the for the a string, then the second and third finger to pluck the g and b string. When you go on your seventh fret of your d string use the pick. When going back to the g and b string, i’m using my fingers. and then when i do the open string I used the pick again.

Then to the next part i’m using my pick to play the open a. My first finger is on the fifth fret of the d string and my second finger to pluck. I’m referring to the strings here five, four, five, four, and then slide up to seven, then I follow it with the fifth fret of the a string. I’m using the pick and do a hammer on to the sixth fret then to the fifth fret of the g string with my first finger.

I’m going to pluck using my middle finger to give it a slight bend like a quarter step band. On the seventh fret of the d string repeat the whole thing slowly. If you are new to this, especially the bending of two strings at the same time. That’s pretty difficult if you’re new to that, what you could do as an alternative to be able to play this right is just do everything the same with the exception of only playing the third string and not to add that in.

So you will know the two different ways in approaching and see what works best. What are you waiting for click on the link in the description tab for you be able to follow along and to remember all the parts and everything. If you like the video give me a thumbs up and leave a comment down below. If there’s something you’d like to see either myself or one of the other instructors here at to do in the future lesson.

Thank you for watching and i will see you in the next video so until next time!