Learn How To Play Starlight By Muse

Check out this free lesson from Guitar Control instructor Sean Daniel on how to play Starlight by Muse. Be sure to click the link and get the free tabs to go along with this lesson.

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What’s going on everybody? Sean Daniel with Guitar Control here and today were doing one of my all-time favorite songs from one my all-time favorite bands, Starlight by Muse. Now we’re gonna do an acoustic version of this and we’re gonna talk a little bit about barre chords, but I want you be able to do this an easy way where it’s only power chords because what makes it such a cool chord progression is it really kind of goes all over the place. So click the link below because we have the chord chart to follow along with; like I said we’re gonna be doing most of these as power chords.

Power Chords

So the first thing we need to know is what power chords are and we’re starting on B. This is going to be representative of a B major, but again our root note is the second fret on the A string, so second fret on the A string with your pointer finger and fourth fret of the D string with your ring finger. Now this is just a power chord that you can move anywhere, so this is a B power chord, C, C sharp, D, D sharp and so on and so forth. It isn’t major or minor, but it’s representative of one of them, in this case it’s going to be B major. Okay so we’re gonna start with a B major power chord and it’s gonna sound like this…

Okay so there’s a little bit of a strumming count that we have to get down, now let’s talk about just how this moves around, it’s gonna be the really three main parts. The first one is going to add the strumming afterwards to C sharp which is gonna be indicative of C sharp minor, but again we’re just playing it as a C sharp power chord to G sharp. We should also be a minor to open E major. So all these are gonna be power chords with the exception of E major just because it’s the easy open chord.

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