How To Keep Rock and Roll Alive

Hey Man –

Hope this catches you at an alright time –

Personally, I’m a bit hungover, having spent the night at
916,204 parties.

Oh – guess I should introduce myself.

They call me Rock’n’Roll.

I’ve been around since about 1951 – but that doesn’t mean I’m
slowin’ down any 😉

I still get around with the best of ’em – and I can always out-
dance and out-play any young ‘punk’ on the street today.

I’m the spirit, man. The real thing.

So let’s get down to it.

Why am I writing to you NOW?

(Besides the fact my buddy Claude Johnson was willing to
show me how to use this new “email” thang today 🙂

I mean, you and me’ve been hangin’ out for years now, right?

Usually I’m content to just sit back and enjoy the music with
you whenever you hit play on your phone, or put on a CD (you’ve
got damn good taste, BTW 😉

But today, I gotta tell ya somethin’.

You see, I’ve had my eye on you for awhile…

And that guitar over there in the corner.


You gonna play that thing, or what?

Here’s the thing.

No matter how old I get, I still wanna LIVE.

I wanna feel my fingers tingle, my feet groove, and my spirit

Now more than ever. That never changes.

But there’s one thing, and one thing only, that keeps my spirit

It’s guys like YOU playing me.

Oh, sure…

There’s the Springsteens and Claptons of the world.

Yeah, they make my blood sing. They’re pretty good 🙂

But I can’t live on a few ‘geniuses’ scattered around the world.

To tell the truth –

All those bright lights and huge stadiums don’t actually do it
for me, man.

What really keeps me going is the “unknowns” of this world…

The ones who dedicate themselves to me, even when no one’s

The ones who grab their guitar and bang away alone, day after

The ones who let me SING in the backrooms, garages and basements
of the world…

The ones like you.

Make no mistake: when it comes to my Heart and Soul –

YOU keep me alive.

So whoever your “guitar heroes” are…

You’re MY hero.

And I need you. Now more than ever.

Keep playing, man.

Never give up.

Keep me alive…

And I’ll be there for you.

Running through your fingers…

Beating in your heart…

Thrumming in your soul.

Now, if you want to play better, that’s cool –

I’ve got just the thing for ya.

This here video will show you the number one Fastest,
Easiest, and Fun way to start playing me “like the greats” –

(And, far as I’m concerned, if it’s not Fast, Easy and Fun, I’m
not interested, right? 😉

Take 5 minutes to watch this today, and I’ll be waitin’ on the
other side.


In fact, I DARE ya to watch that and not come out on the other
side of it a better guitar player.

So whatya say.

Up for a challenge?

Me, I gotta go get some fresh air…and maybe an aspirin.

Guess I had one too many last night. 😉

Catch ya later.

– Rock’n’Roll

P.S. Being a spirit and all, I don’t generally hold with stuff
like computers. So, I’m lucky my buddy Claude was able to
forward this on for me today. Thanks, Claude man.


– R.N.R.

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