How to Play Diatonic Legato Lick – Part 2

Hey, its Claude Johnson and today’s guitar lesson is Diatonic Legato Licks Part 2. Okay now, with these legato licks keep in mind that even though you’re not picking, it might be harder on the left hand because you’ve really got to get those hammer-ons and pull-offs in there to make the notes sound correctly. All right, so here’s the lick I want to show you today. Slowly. All right, so we’re using notes from the F-major scale, but since it resolves on C I’m going to say it’s in the key of C mixolydian. All right, so we got 24 notes in this lick; lets just take the first 12. The first half of this lick will be like this. Okay, lets just work on that first. We’re basically going to go up the scale four notes; back down; up three notes and back, and then down one more. And we’re going to start on the 7th fret of the D-string, which is an A. Okay, so up four; back and then up three and back, and then down one. Ending up here on the 10th fret of the A-string with our pinky. Okay, that’s the first half of the lick. Then we’re going to repeat the same pattern, but one string down, except we’re just going to change the last note. Just hit that C instead of the 10th fret D. Okay?

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