2 Octaves Diatonic Arpeggios!

Here´s another cool guitar lesson from Rob Compagna. He will teach you the basic 2 octaves arpeggio shapes you should know! Like minor 7, dominant, diminished, etc…

Hope it helps!

Hey, this is Rob Compagna with Guitar Control, we’re going to learn about two octave arpeggios. These are going to be played over different chords. So we’re going to do these over a B flat major 7, B flat dominant 7, B flat minor 7, B flat minor 7 flat 5 and B flat diminished.

All we’ve got to do is match-up the arpeggio with the corresponding chord. The first chord, as we said, is a B flat major 7 and that arpeggio is… So when a B flat major 7 is being played, play that arpeggio.

Likewise, with the following arpeggio. So here we have a B flat dominant 7, which is the same as the B flat major 7 arpeggio except that the 7, instead of an A, is now an A flat. So here is that one.

Then our next chord is a B flat minor 7. This one is different in that now we have a minor 3rd instead of a major 3rd. So we go from the D down to a D flat. So this arpeggio is a lot like a pentatonic minor scale except we’re missing the 4th, which is an E flat here. So there it is.

All right, so the next chord is a B flat minor 7.This one is different in that the 5th drops from an F to an F flat, which is an harmonically the same as
an E. So all that means is it’s different names for the same note. So this one is like this… I love that arpeggio.

All right, the last one is B flat diminished, another great sounding arpeggio that works great when playing over dominant 7 chords. So those are our two-octave arpeggios. The other great thing about these arpeggios I showed you is so that when playing 16th notes they fit neatly in one full measure. So it’s pretty great when you’ve got a chord that’s one full measure long and you can just rip over it.

I hope you enjoyed these arpeggios.I hope you have a great day and don’t forget o subscribe on our You Tube Channel and we’ll see you in our next video lessons, thanks for watching.

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