Diatonic Legato Licks Part 1

Hi, I’m Claude Johnson and welcome to another
Lick of the Day Lesson for you. I want to talk
about these legato diatonic licks that I was
just playing. For example, this one.

All right, let me show you what I’m doing here.
A little faster. A little faster. Up to tempo.

All right, we’re using a lot of hammer-ons and
pull-offs here, not a lot of picking. Please
check the tabs and you can see exactly where
the picking comes in and where the hammer-ons
and pull-offs are. And again, check out my
beginner course if you are not familiar with
the basic techniques like hammer-ons and pull-offs.

So just to break the lick down for you; you can
break it into 3 parts. The first part will be
like this. Starting on the E we’re going to go
up the E-minor scale four notes. So three notes
on the A string and one note on the D string.
Back down. And then the pinky goes to the 10th
fret on the low E. Good, the first part.

The second part of the lick we do a hammer-on,
pull-off to the 9th fret, 7th to 9th, and we go
back down to that D note. So the first part.
Second part. And the last part we just descend
down from the E and then end up back on the E.

So the last part is… So the first part;
second part; last part. Put it all together.

All right, so if you want the tablature to this
just go to www.claudejohnson.com/blog and you
will find this lesson with the tabs.

Stay tuned for next time, and I will have more
legato licks for you. Rock on!


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