9 newsworthy nuggets

Hi Friend,

Here’s 9 items I’d like to tell you about
for the latest , greatest news from Guitar Control:

1. I messed up the link the other day for Rokstark’s ebay item.
(Insane deal on strings). Here it is:


2. There’s a slight delay in unveiling “Harry the (Guitar) Cable Guy”,
he’s a crazy character I’ve decided to save for another day due
to technical reasons… But expect more cool funny stuff from
me in the time ahead…

3. I’m re-filming the Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course in a few weeks
with clearer instruction, clearer notation, with a specific emphasis
and added material on strumming patterns… Also I’ll be releasing
a volume 2 with 50 more songs but that will be filmed a bit later.

Anyone who already has Ultimate Beginner Guitar will get automatically
get online access to the new version.

4. As I’m studying more and more about strumming patterns in general,
I’m going to release a collection of the most useful strumming patterns
as an addition to the “Guitar Chord Secrets” information package —
we’ll be re-releasing that in the upcoming months as well.

5. In about 2 weeks, we are going to be filming a sequel to “Real Easy
Jazz” with Clay Moore, teaching 10 new jazz tunes.

6. We also are editing a set of new DVDs with a cool new instructor
who is a real pro at playing hard rock and metal… He’s opened
up for Judas Priest and other big names. It’s a nice surprise.

7. Classical Guitar Secrets is coming out in a few weeks. For now we
just have one sample video on the blog. https://www.classicalguitarsecrets.com/blog
Next week we’ll release more video samples of Lily teaching and
also showing more pieces.

8. I’m working on a sequel to Guitar Control that’s all about
playing FAST… I’ve been working on building up my picking
chops to the shred level and I can’t wait to share the things I’m learning.

9. Right now we’re celebrating the release of 60 new jam
tracks in “Amazing Jam Tracks” by giving you access for
just $1. Actually you get hundreds of tracks and access
to 10 websites.

Check it out: https://guitarcontrol.net/gc-preview/gcblog4/2011jt

Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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