The Xmas-in-July Giveaway for You

Hi Friend,

Happy 4th of July weekend.

I got something very special for you.


I’m giving away copies of my infamous
“X-mas” guitar course.


Why now on July 4th weekend?

If I’m getting ahead of myself, hold
on a sec…

Let me first just explain what the
X-mas guitar course is.

Basically it’s a course I created
last Christmas, that shows how
to play 10 popular Christmas songs,
both in simple form, and using
advanced chord melody.

It’s a seriously neat little online course
that I think you’ll love.

I did a lot of ‘interesting’ things last year.

We raised money for the Salvation Army.

I dressed up like Santa and became
“Santa Claude”.

I improvised a crazy x-mas rap. Trust me,
it was pretty whacky.

But the one thing that stuck out in my
mind was that someone wrote a comment
on the blog:

“you should have given us more time
to learn the songs”.

So, its for that reason that I’m giving
you this course NOW.

If you’re a beginner, it’s plenty of time
to get running and maybe you can even
surprise the heck out of your family
during the holidays with your newfound
guitar powerz.

If you got some experience on the guitar,
I think you’ll enjoy the chord melody
arrangements I teach here.

So here’s the dealio.

If you buy any other product this weekend,
we will hook you up with access to the Xmas course
at no charge.

(If you just want the xmas course alone,
you can grab it here: )

But again, no need to pay for it because
I’ll toss it in with your order this

A few things you might want to check out:
Here’s my “July Top Four” recommendations.

1. Ultimate Country Blues.

This is some of the coolest guitar playing
you can imagine. You’ll be amazed
that you can learn some of these mindblowing

2. Virtuoso Guitar Secrets

Want to play advanced lead guitar? This
system will supercharge your chops in
record time. It’s designed by 2-time
Guitar Idol finalist, Silvio Gazquez.

3. Wicked Chicken Pickin’ Chops

A whole new way to transform your playing
with no scales, theory, or exercises.

4. Guitar Control

The original. This classic course will help you
get that gut level control on the lead guitar. Also it comes
with 4 other courses including the “1-2-3 method”
ultimate beginner guitar course with 75 classic songs.

I’ll give you a complete listing of my courses

Remember, buy anything this weekend and get the x-mas guitar
course as a freebie.

Enjoy the fireworks and get ready to make some more fireworks
of your own on the gee-tar.

Rock it,

Claude J.

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