A behind-the-scenes tour of Guitar Control?

hey Friend,

I’ve got something REALLY different
(and exciting) today…

First, let me get the “normal” updates out of the way:

New lesson posted with Charlie Parker lick … AND…
2 DAYS from now (Tuesday) is the release
of Gulp Fiction and the Free Guitar DVD 4.0.

You can find both of those things on my blog.


Our story today begins on December 31, 2004…

New Years Eve…

I went out drinking with my roommate,
my girlfriend, and one other friend.

Nothing unusual.

What WAS unusual was the cause for
celebration. You see, I was done
my last day of working for anyone else.

I didn’t know for sure if I would “make it”
at the time… But its over 8 years later
and I’ve never had to have a “normal job”.

I consider myself EXTREMELY fortune!

However, I don’t want to say it was “luck”
because I worked hard and had
the right mentors helping me.

I’m talking about running an online business…
which is something I don’t believe I’ve ever
really talked to you about before.

Actually, its a lot like learning guitar.

For one thing, you really need a great teacher
to guide you in the right direction so
you don’t waste time.

And guess what — I’m not the guy.
I have NO desire to be an “Internet Marketing” teacher.

However… SOOO many people have asked me about
my business that I thought I would address
this question.

So, I did what I always do when it comes
to teaching special styles: I FOUND
you a great instructor.

His name is Kevin Thompson and he’s known
as the “Automatic Income Coach”.

He’s absolutely brilliant at showing you how
to have a profitable automated
business… kind of like Guitar Control 🙂

So if that sounds interesting, or you always
wanted to start your online business of any
kind, then check out his free tele-seminar.

It’s on tuesday only… its a 1-time thing,
so register for the call right now if you’re interested.

Tell him Claude sent you 🙂


Anyway, get ready for a great week…

Grab your popcorn and get ready for
Gulp Fiction on Tuesday as well!

Claude Johnson


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