do I dare try to play like Vai

Hi Friend,

So I’ve been playing around with this
new “Song Surgeon 3″…

(get it fa-fa-fa-phree for a limited time here):


Revisiting some of my favorite guitar licks
and solos.

The other day I was decoding some Satriani
licks from one of my favorite solos.
I sent you an email about it 🙂

Today I went for a Steve Vai tune called
“Hand on Heart” with one of the most outrageous
guitar solos ever put on tape.

Yes, I was able to hear what was going
on during the super fast part of the solo,
thanks to Song Surgeon.

Basically he’s using a wide stretch on the
high E string and tapping out some notes
at the same time.

He’s playing notes on the 7th , 9th, and 11th
frets, while tapping the 12th fret.

Then he switches it up and starts tapping
on the 14th fret.

The crazy thing is how’s he’s mixing up the
timing… There’s 16th notes and also dotted
32nd notes.


Obviously, its a little complex and involved 🙂

I didn’t tab out the whole thing because I’m a bit
short on time here tonight, but you get the idea.

And no, I don’t dare to try to play like Vai, however…

It’s amazing is that I’m actually able to
figure out what he’s doing because I can slow
it down as much as I need to.

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Have a great week,

Claude Johnson

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