Here’s how to get that “Clapton unplugged” sound

Hello Friend,

There’s a new video today from Jimmy Dillon.

It’s a montage of short sample clips from
the soon-to-be-released “Soul of Acoustic Guitar”.

How soon, you ask?

Just 2 weeks! Yep, this baby is available on April 27th
so get ready.

In today’s video, Jimmy shows how both Bob Dylan
and Eric Clapton use folk blues to create cool
textures and interesting styles and sounds.

He also shows you how to go from a gut-bucket
lowdown style blues to a more expanded harmony.

Then he also shows you the “claw hammer” way
of picking… the nitty gritty blues sound,

and several folk sounds and techniques.

It’s all jam packed into a 3 minute video –
check it out:

And definitely take a moment to post your comment!
I like to hear what people think.

So far, everyone has had nothing but raving remarks
about J.D.

Rock on, Claude

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