Learn How to Play 3 Killer Licks on Lead Guitar

hey Friend,

Sitting here in my office, sipping
on my new favorite beverage… (i’ll
tell you what is in a future email)…

…and I just uploaded another short
video lesson from my new course:
Supercharged Soloing Made Simple.

Now, I want to make one thing
crystal clear:

This course is NOT just a collection
of licks. Well, I do show a bunch of
killer licks, but that’s only
about 1/3 of the course.

There’s a lot of powerful concepts,
ideas, exercises, and more, that
I will get into a bit later.

Having given you that caveat,
today’s video is about showing you
a few more licks.

I couldn’t resist because there’s
just some really cool stuff here.

One is a cool flashy blues lick
(I’ve heard Hendrix play something similar)…

The second lick also sounds badass
and uses a concept that you can
use to spin a million of your own licks.

And the third is a high-tech
power lick that commands respect.

Try them out!

You can see all the “Supercharged Soloing” Videos here:


Remember, Supercharged Soloing is
a NEW course that comes out Sep 4th.

That’s in 18 days.

I’ll have more info soon.

Claude Johnson

P.S. If you’re more into mellower
sounds and want to take your playing
in a totally different direction,
check out the “Real Easy Jazz” course.

If you’ve ever listened to jazz guitar
and thought “That’s cool, but it sounds
too complicated and challenging”…
then you’ll love this:



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