One Thing You Need To Know About The Harmonic Minor Scale


I have GOBS.

That’s a new acronym I just invented just
right now. It stands for: “Guitar on the Brain Syndrome”.

I say this because it’s Monday morning
and I can’t stop thinking about guitar!


I think its good when you can’t stop thinking
about something… Whether its guitar, another
hobby, a special person…

It means you are passionate!

True, there is a fine line between passion and obsession,
but that’s another story for another day.

This weekend I was sitting at home,
noodling around on the harmonic
minor scale. Ya know, going to a different scale is always
a good tactic when you’re bored on the guitar
and want to figure out something new and exciting.

Not that I’ve never played this scale before but
I wanted to take my knowledge of it to the next

One thing I noticed is that the scale has two whole
step intervals together, just like the natural
minor scale (C-D-E).

This is an easily recognizable fretboard pattern.

Then, I said to myself, ok where are all the C notes
on the neck?

From top to bottom, C is on the frets:


Important to know that. I stress the importance
of fretboard knowledge and all the subtle ways
you really should know your fretboard inside
Killer Guitar Control Secrets (

After figuring out a few things, I spent some
time practicing with the guitar scale system too.
What’s nice is that there is already a “vamp”
for harmonic minor in every key.

Messing around on this scale was a nice change
of pace from my usual practice that I’ve been
doing lately, which is building up my picking speed.

Actually, for that, I’ve been using the guitar
scale system as well too — the physical training part.

Not to sound like the president of the hair club for
men or anything… but as you can see, I actually USE
these same tools that we offer inside the Guitar God Club.

So if you’re a member of the Guitar God Club,
and you haven’t been using
the tools, I invite you to login…

Jam out to some cool jam tracks…

Take your scale mastery to the next level…

Take your picking speed to the next level…

and try some of the other fun things inside.

If you’re not a member yet, there is no better
time because we just added a new site to the club
called Lead Guitar Gurus.

This site contains over 800 online lead guitar lessons
with 9 instructors.

The best part is that you can sign up for just a dollar.

yep…one dollar.

But that deal expires this week, so jump on it
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There’s WAYYY too many cool things to NOT
join the club.

8 sites… free guitar gear… one low price…

It’s a no-brainer if you have a passion for
guitar like me.

And I promise to keep adding cool stuff!

Well thats it for now.

I gotta run for the moment, but stay tuned
to your email box because I will have a cool
video for you in about 2 days.

Rock on as always…

have a great week! – Claude

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