Here is a must-know guitar lick

hi Friend,

It is Wednesday morning and
I’m sitting in my office
writing you this email.

For some reason, I feel fantastic
today. I’m really looking forward
to playing some guitar later on.

Let me share with you a cool guitar
lick. Hopefully it will put a smile
on your face as well 🙂

Actually this lick comes from Jimmy

It’s such a classic blues lick that
I would call it a “must know” lick.

Not only that, but you’ll learn
a few other things in this short
video clip.

It’s a sample clip from Jimmy’s
new course called

“Rockin the Blues and Slide Guitar”.

Of course, when you grab your copy
of the DVDs, you’ll get every example
tabbed out for you so learning
is fun, fast, and easy.

Not to mention — 3 hours of pure bliss
guitar learning joy…

If that sounds like your cup of tea,
then I would suggest to grab it today,
right now, because the special launch
dealio with free shipping ends in
a few days.

Just go here :

fill out your details, and you’ll be all set.
Or if you want more info on what’s in this
course, see:

Whatever you do, don’t forget to play guitar today.
Daily guitar is an amazing habit and the rewards
are incredible.

Your guitar friend,

Claude Johnson

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