Here’s a Party Pack for you!

Hi Friend,

Happy Friday.

I got 3 coolio things for you.

First of all, I posted a new lesson on my blog.
It’s a simple blues shuffle rhythm and I also
talk a bit about swing/shuffle notation.

Now, thats just one thing.

Ok, next, in celebration of Memorial Day weekend,
I am running two specials.

Ok, the one I already mentioned, its the $1 deal
for the Guitar God club…But I’m extending that
deal through Sunday at midnight.

You get 8 sites for the price of 1 and just a buck
to start. Here’s the link:

Next, I am giving out FOUR packs of guitar strings
(2 acoustic, 2 electric) to anyone who orders any
DVD product today, tomorrow, or Sunday.

Below is a list of all our fine products.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I have fine memories
of neighborhood block parties when I was a kid…
And I am happy to be getting together with some
family again.

Keep rocking on the guitar and don’t forget,
any course below gets you FOUR “party packs” of strings
included, this weekend only!

Strike while the irons hot! – GO! – Claude

Beginner courses:

Lead guitar courses:

Blues guitar courses:

Jazz guitar courses:

Metal guitar courses:

Acoustic guitar courses:

Other goodies:


Best way to contact us:

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