Robbing little old ladies

hey Friend,

A funny thing happened to me yesterday
while I was standing in line at
the bank.

Before I tell you the story,
I wanna let you know real
quick that there’s a new lesson
with a riff from metal
maestro Dave Mustaine, taught by Silvio.

its here:


So, here’s the story:

I was next in line at the bank.
The teller was an attractive young lady
who was wearing some earings
that looked like guitar picks.

And the customer at the window
in front of me was an old lady…

I was off to the side trying
to get a better look at those
guitar pick earings and the
old lady told me I shouldn’t
be standing there, and to
get in line behind her.

She thought I was trying to
peek at her account number
or rob her or something…lol.

I apologized and explained
I was just trying to get
better look at her earings
and that I play guitar.

It turned out that old lady
also played guitar…She
said she plays Chet Atkins
style things, but without
the fingerpicks.

So we’re gonna a DVD with

Just kidding on that last

But it was cool to have that
experience. She told me
she met Chet Atkins and
he said “there’s lots of
players better than me,
I just got lucky”.

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