How to Be Creative With Powerchords and Single Note Riffs

Hi Friend,

Top of the day to you.

I was watching (the real) Austin powers
movie yesterday and on comes a familiar
song — “American Woman” as performed
by Lenny Kravitz.

I dig Lenny but I probably prefer the
orignal version from “The Guess Who”.
Something about the music from the 60s
and 70s… To me, contemporary music
was at its peak back then.

Anyway, which ever version you prefer
doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is — what’s the secret
behind this classic tune?

The answer is: Powerchords!

If you analyze the tune, it’s shockingly simple.
It’s all powerchords and single note riffs.

The main riff goes like this:



That’s rest of the song is mostly just
C powerchords (often shown as C5)
and F powerchords (F5).

Try getting creative with powerchords, single-note
riffs, and vocal melodies and try Writing your own classic
powerchord song. I know you have
*at least* 1 classic tune in you!

If you want to get really creative with rock riffs,
check out Virtuwul’s course called “Rock riffs
made simple” – he’ll give you all kinds of
tricks and tools to write killer rock riffs.

Check it out:

Keep playin,

Claude Johnson

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