How to Play This Easy Arpeggio Picking Pattern

Hey whats up Friend…

So you probably heard the news
that guitar legend and inventor
Les Paul passed away, just a few
days ago… at the age of 94.

Les Paul is the king! He invented
the Les Paul guitar!

Move over Elvis 🙂

Seriously, what an amazing life and contribution
to music.

If you’re a guitar player for any amount
of time, you know that a Gibson Les Paul
is one of the sweetest sounding, most
consistent and high performing professional
instruments you can buy, for any price.

Gibson does a great job, but it was Les Paul
who invented the modern solidbody design.

Les Paul was a slick guitarist too,
with some killer jazz , blues, and country stylings.


Rest in Peace Mr. Les Paul. And thank you.

Who knows, maybe Elvis and Les Paul are a jamming
together in some otherwordly realm. 🙂

By the way, Les Paul’s style was highly influenced by Jazz.
I highly suggest picking up a copy of the Essentials
of Jazz package if you’re interested in playing like
Les. (

So just to shift topics for a sec,
I want to ask you:

How’s your guitar playing coming along?

I hope you are practicing the methods I’ve
shown in Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

I have one more tip for you today.

This is a picking pattern that is very
simple, but you can expand it using
hammer ons and pull offs.

Let me show you:


Try playing this with both economy picking
and alternate picking. (again, see if you
dont know how to do this)

Next, we are going to add some hammer ons
and pull offs, and notice the picking
pattern doesnt need to change
since the only extra notes added
aren’t picked.


You can even mix up some major
arpeggios, major 7, dom7, and
major 6. I’ll be going deeper
into these concepts in the next
video, Guitar Control II.

Well, I hope you enjoy’d that
little arpeggio picking idea.

Oh, yeah, one more thing.

If you want to learn Neil Young’s
song “Hey hey, my my”, with the
famous Lyric, “The king is gone
but he’s not forgotten”,
its included as a bonus in
the ultimate beginner guitar course

This course has a cool repertoire of
over 75 of the most all time classic

Of course, you get both Ultimate Beginner
Guitar and Killer Guitar Control Secrets
plus 3 other courses as part of the 12
DVD set. It’s all here:

I think it’s going to be a great week,
I’m looking forward to working on some
more sweet licks 🙂

So that’s it for now my friend.
I will catch you on the flip side

In fact, there are plenty of exciting stuff
coming soon, so just you wait.

I’ve got a few “frogs in the fryer”
and cooking up some delicious
guitar goodies for you as usual.

Keep rocking and stay cool.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer,

Claude Johnson

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