Dust In The Wind Intro | Easy Guitar Tabs

Welcome back! Today I wanna show you some very easy popular guitar tabs.
We all wanna have this huge repertoire of awesome classic songs that all of friends with enjoy
at when you get together. The problem is that most of the cool songs are not extremely easy to
play. I wanna show a song that I learned a long time ago and that actually presented no
challenge at all to me, even though I was a beginner. Let’s start off by practicing a pattern that
will later on help you with the song I wanna show you:


To play this pattern you will use your thumb for the 5th string, your ring for the 2nd string, the
middle finger for the 4th string and the ring finger for the 3rd string. It is very important that you
use the right fingering for this song, otherwise it might be a bit difficult to perform. I would
suggest starting out this exercise at a very slow speed and increase it until you can play it very
fast without any sloppiness. Once you have reach that point, you know it is time to play the
actual song.
The song I wanna show you is “Dust in the Wind by Kansas” and if you have learned the pattern
above, then it will be very easy to play:


It is basically a C going to an Am. The only thing that changes is the high note. That how it is,
nothing else changes. The next part goes something like this:


You will have to use your pinky! so get ready.
This is only the intro of the song though, but man such a cool intro. This will keep you
entertained for a very long time. If you have an acoustic guitar, I would suggest using it to play
this song as the original is recorded with an acoustic guitar.
This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
entire database of videos.


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