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Welcome back! Today I wanna share some easy to learn guitar tabs.
Some of the easiest but yet great sound songs are from the 70’s and 80’s; Back in Black is one
of them. I think this song by AC/DC is such an iconic song that it literally sums up the whole
history of Roll N’ Roll in just over 4 minutes. There’s no single guitar player on earth that hasn’t
listened to the awesome intro riff played by AC/DC. I remember when I was on my first year of
learning how to play guitar; I had a few songs that I wanted to master by the end of the year and
yeah, Back in Black was one of them.
So what is this riff so iconic? Well to me it is just everything. The tempo of the song is just too
groovy; so good. The simplicity of the chord choice just take it to another level; power chords
and open chords combined with a tasty blues lick. But I think one of the most memorable parts
of this riff is the 4th bar in which they do the turnaround; it just suddenly becomes a heavy blues
riff and it sounds soo good.
First of all I wanna show you the chords used all along this riff. There are 3 chords the guitar
players are using:




Very simple chords as you can see. They actually play it in that exact order I just showed you.
So enough said, let’s check out the tab for Back in Black:


In order to play this song correctly I recommend you to:
up your amp with a lower distortion level. Back in the days they would usually crank
up the tubes of the amp and get that crunchy sound. Try go for that tone.
You can either pick all the strings or use a legato technique for some parts.
For the 4th bar, play all down strokes, it will bring that impact to your tone that you are
looking for.

This is all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and please remember to check out our
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